What we produce

Currently we focus on producing bread and vegetables with some grain production for the bread.

Bread- Our loaves are naturally leavened, meaning that we do not add commercial yeast to make it rise. Instead, we add a living culture, or “sourdough starter” to the dough and it has a longer fermentation process, from several hours to multiple days! This traditional fermentation style unlocks minerals and nutrients unavailable in yeasted bread, and has been proven to reduce symptoms and slow the development of gluten sensitivity. We use simple ingredients and our flours are organic, local, and even home grown whenever possible. We are baking in our home oven and our kitchen is inspected on an regular basis by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Science.IMG_2827



Vegetables and Grains- Everything from our garden is grown in an organic fashion, though we are not officially certified organic. We do not use any synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides ever. Though our garden is less than one acre, we grow a large variety of crops for the market and our CSA program, especially salad greens, herbs, and summer fruits. The goal in our garden is to create rich, living soil within a vibrant farm ecosystem. Our main input is carbon-rich compost, and our garden is intentionally planted with flowers, perennial herbs, and woody species to encourage pollinator activity. We also capture water on site using earthworks and harvest rainwater for our animals and greenhouse.  We grow some grains for use in our breads, notably multicolor field corn. In 2016 we are experimenting with more corn varieties as well as hard spring wheat and a small plot of dry beans.






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