Fermentation Fest Teacher Sign up form

We are seeking teachers for the 2019 Fourth Annual Fermentation Fest at Great Day Gardens on Sunday, October 27. Classes are normally 90 minutes, but we can do longer if that is something you are interested in, just tell us in your proposal.

This is a grassroots kind of festival and we invite experts and amateurs alike to share their experiences with all types of fermentation. We don’t charge workshop fees, but we do ‘suggested donations’ which are divided up among all the presenters at the end of the day, so we want to compensate you for your time as best we can.

There are so many ways to ferment and we are open to any type of workshop. In the past we have done workshops on all kinds of krauts, dairy ferments, wild brews, probiotic sodas, gut health, and sourdoughs, but we are open to less traditional routes too: how to make a crock, how to make the most of ferments gone wrong, and even things that aren’t really fermentation, but go along those lines like charcuterie, natural dyeing, making herbal medicine, or sprouting grains.

We look forward to this every year and always enjoy the experience of sharing, learning, teaching, and just spending time with fermenters from all over and we thank you for contributing to the festival!