About the Farm

Our farming practices are small scale and intensive, relying on hand tools and natural sources of fertility such as compost, cover crops, and rock minerals. Our produce is never sprayed with synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides of any kind. Although we are not certified organic, we strive for an abundant farm ecosystem and go beyond organic requirements by using gentle soil practices, planting pollinator habitat, and building soils rich in organic material.

Our bread is leavened slowly with wild yeast (a.k.a. sourdough), adding complex flavors while facilitating digestion and nutrient absorption in the gut. Baked in a wood-fired oven, the loaves are crusty on the outside but soft and flavorful inside. Most of our bread is vegan, and we include organic and regionally grown grains whenever possible. You can also find our wood-fired pastries at Saturday farmers markets.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Med says:

    Michael & Arden,
    Thanks for giving my nephew Evan a bit of your time and wisdom today! He was impressed at all you do and impressed that Lynchburg supports your progressive efforts!
    Med Long


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