2018 CSA Options

The 2018 CSA has begun, but it’s never too late to sign up! Fill out a form on our sign-up page to reserve your spot now!

Vegetable Share:

Designed to provide a good variety of produce to a family of 4-5, though 2 vegetable enthusiasts could probably eat it up on their own. Includes 6-12 seasonal vegetables (on average $23 retail value per week). You can expect to receive lots of greens in the spring and fall, and lots of tomatoes, peppers, and squash in the summer. Salad greens will be very consistent the entire season.  Most shares include: an herb bunch, a salad green, a cooking green, a storage crop (i.e. onions, garlic, winter squash), a root vegetable (i.e. radishes, carrots, beets, turnips), and variety of summer fruits (i.e. tomatoes, squash, beans, peas, okra, eggplant).  We often will have a choice between two items (ex: parsley OR cilantro, kale OR Swiss chard), though this is on a first-come-first-serve basis and we cannot guarantee your first pick. Though you will not ever receive the exact same bag of vegetables in two consecutive weeks, we try to have some consistency so that members know what to expect and aren’t stuck with just unusual items they don’t know how to cook. Payments can be made in halves, but the first payment must be made upon signing-up. Full cost: $550.00


An example of an early spring share with carrots, lettuce, salad mix, swiss chard, peas, turnips, and kale. Spring and fall boxes have a wide assortment of greens and roots!

Bread Share:

Members receive one bread item per week, baker’s choice. The bread is made using a sourdough culture and typically has no commercial yeast, sugar, fats, or dairy added. Ingredients are organic, local, or home-grown as often as possible. This past year the types of bread offered were: Pecan Raisin, Multigrain, Stoneground Wheat, Country White, Honey Oat, Forest Corn, Rice Porridge, Onion Cheddar, Rye Caraway, Garlic Herb, and Pita Pockets. All breads are wood fired and come in pan or round hearth shapes. Full cost: $138 for one loaf, $260 for two.

Extra Greens:

This is a new option for members who want to boost their veggie share and get double of the cooking and salad greens every week.  Basically, if you already get the regular vegetable share, with extra greens you will get 2x each of the greens in that week’s share (ex: 2 bags of salad + 2 bunches of chard + 2 heads of bok choi, plus the rest of the regular veggie share).  It can also work as a mini-veggie share by itself (though instead of 2 of each greens item, members would just get one). It is a value of $8 per week, so it will be either 2 or 3 items per week.  This option is $180 by itself, or $720 when added onto a regular vegetable share.

Flower Share: 

Add some color to your table! Every other week during peak season (June 20-Oct 3), members will receive a large arrangement of farm flowers. Our flowers last a long time and tend to be vibrant and a little wild looking! This share has 8 large flower arrangements, each with $15 value, a great deal for fresh & local blooms. Full Cost: $120.00

Restoration Acres Farm Products

We love connecting with this farm which does a wonderful job producing healthy and delicious pasture-raised animal products. If you have not tried their eggs before, you are missing out! We have also eaten for an entire week from one of their chickens, which are full of flavor and nutrients and make a delicious broth.

Egg Share:

Choose weekly or every other week. All eggs are laid by chickens raised on pasture and fed a non-GMO soy free feed in addition to their foraged food.
Weekly Share – One dozen eggs per week for 25 weeks. Full Cost: $120 Alternating Weeks Share – One dozen eggs every other week for 25 weeks (13 dozen total). Full Cost: $63

Chicken Share:

Choose weekly or every other week. Chickens are raised on pasture and moved daily to fresh grass. Weekly Share- One chicken per week for 25 weeks, each with average weight 4.5 pounds. Full Cost: $399 Cut-Up Option – $75 additional fee (Every chicken will be cut up into boneless skinless breasts and tenders, leg and thigh quarters, wings, and back/neck for stock) Alternating Weeks Share-One chicken every other week for 25 weeks (13 chickens total). Full cost $220. Cut-Up Option – $40 additional fee.

Gathered Threads Herb boxes:

All herbs are grown at Gathered Threads without synthetic chemicals, and Katherine does a wonderful job of drying and blending the herbs into a huge variety of products, from teas to tinctures to deodorant and salves. They are neatly packaged and make great gifts too! Her products all come with instructions for use and have a long shelf life.  Each monthly box comes with a good variety of products that you can use all year. To sign up for a share, choose which box you would like below. One box every month (7): $175

Tea & Wellness Share —Our monthly Herbal Tea & Wellness Share box has the essentials to keep your kettle going, & your taste buds happy.  The share is formulated for your wellness through teas and other herbal remedies you make with the kits provided in the share.  Each month will have 4-5 herbal products from the following list- 1-2 tea blends, 1-2 simple teas, 1 wellness tea blend formulated for the month/season, 1-2 herbal kits.

Herbs for the Kitchen Share-The Herbs for the Kitchen Share is a well-rounded spice & herb share for your kitchen needs.  Each month the share will have 4-5 herbal products from the following list – 1-2 ‘simple’ spice jars, 1-2 spice blend jars, 1 spice mix, or 1 herbal infused vinegar.  Examples of our Spice Mixes are dip mixes, salad dressings, rubs, & soup seasoning mixes.

 Herbs for the Body & Soul-Our Herbs for the Body & Soul Share is a fun monthly herb box that is comprised of a range of herbal products made here on the farm.  This share may contain 4-5 herbal products ranging from salves & lip balms, body butters, sprays (bug spray, deodorant, muscle soother, etc.), bath products (bath salts, bath bombs, scrubs, luffas), toothpaste and other herbal oral care products (mouthwash), masks, foot care products, and even herbal household cleaning supplies.

Gathered Threads Culture Shares:

The culture share consists of 2 pint jars of cultured (aka fermented) vegetables a month. The goal is to provide 1 jar of a cabbage based culture as well as 1 jar of a culture that is cabbage free each month. Many of the culture recipes and ideas are influenced by traditional recipes and people from around the world, such as Kimchi, Curtido, Sauerrubenkraut, and Tsukemono. Gathered Threads aims to perfect those traditional blends as well as introduce some of their own unique inspirations of vegetable and herb pairings, such as Beets ‘N Fennel, Rosemary’d Turnips, and Kohl Dill Pickle.  Full Cost (7 months): $140

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