Week #20

Well, more quickly than I had imagined, here we are: last CSA pickup for the year. It is finally feeling like fall for real, and we have a few crops in this week’s bag that reflect that. We are so grateful for the rain and cool weather right now!

Here are a few interesting numbers from the season. According to our records, the average veggie bag had a farmers market value of $21.38. If you signed up for the entire 19 weeks, you saved $26.22, or about 7% by joining the CSA. Those of you who signed up for the full share (bread, eggs and all) saved $55, or 9.5% versus the regular retail prices. Just a little proof that CSA can be win-win with both supporting the farmer and making healthy food more affordable.

Another number of note is 16. Last month the average global temperature was higher than any August on record, making it the 16th consecutive month of record-breaking heat. This year the planet saw a July that was the hottest month on record. Regionally, we experienced this relentless heat daily and saw repeated hail storms and several significant floods. For the past few months, Arden and I got to see what it’s like to grow without rain. It was challenging, and just a taste of the kinds of droughts that have come before and are sure to come in the future.

Climate and weather are inherently chaotic, and this is why CSA is important to us as growers. Your upfront and ongoing support is a buffer against the risks we can’t plan for, such as these weather extremes. It’s encouraging and empowering to know our community is willing to share these risks with us, and also share in the bounty when times are good.

As consumers and CSA members, you are helping to build a healthier, more livable world. You are paying the true cost of food, which allows us to give back to the land in exchange for the produce we put in weeks share. Planting trees, cover crops, and pollinator habitat would be impossible if we didn’t have the support of our customers. Ultimately these things create a more resilient ecosystem, food system, and economy.

Thanks for being a part of this, and we hope to continue this relationship on into the future!


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