Week #18

We hosted the farm to table fundraiser for the Lynchburg Community Market this weekend and it was a huge success! There were 52 ticketed seats, and the organizers were kind enough to allow us to sit and eat with everyone at the table. The food was AMAZING. They had an array of cold soups, polenta with chicken broth and sweet corn, and a pork-belly-wrapped pork loin. Sometimes I feel like Arden and I are pretty good cooks, but eating that stuff made me see more potential in our produce, and made me feel like a slacker.

Other good news is that we are still cranking out salad mix consistently, which is hard to do this time of year. Arden has really honed her salad ninja skills this summer, and deserves all the credit for keeping you guys in greens this season. We picked up a corn sheller this weekend and were able to shell the entire 84 pounds of the recent crop with ease in about 20 minutes. Hopefully we will have some dry corn products (grits, etc.) by the time we come back to the Lynchburg market in November.

So then, a few challenges. The deer seem to be getting back into the garden, we’ve had some damage on the kale and seen footprints. We re-baited the fence, but with the ground so dry right now, I don’t think they are feeling the electric shock very much. It is so dang dry and hot right now, please pray for rain and coolness!

On Sunday we went into the walk-in cooler and realized it wasn’t very cool. Turns out the compressor on our A/C unit is broke, so we’re working on getting this fixed ASAP. Thankfully, this happened right after, and not before the farm-to-table dinner. But, the cooler is a pretty important part of our operation since it keeps our produce cool and controls the fermentation of dough. This week we are throwing back to our practices from last year, when we didn’t even have a cooler. That means harvesting to order and putting the produce in the coolest part of the house. As for the bread, I am doing marathon bake sessions (really not that bad, about 8 hours) rather than splitting it between 2 days. This is especially frustrating since our large freezer broke the week before, and we had to toss out tons of our stored food.

That’s enough complaining for now. You guys have Purslane as an option this week! Do a little research on its nutritional value and it’s amazing: packed with omega-3s, vitamins, and minerals.

Enjoy! — Michael

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