Week #15

This week things are working a little more in our favor. The daily high temps are more in the I’m-still-able-to-function range and it seems like the deer have not gotten to our lettuce the past couple of nights (knock on wood!). We don’t have the added stress of going to the Lynchburg market and are thus able to stock our stands at Forest and Grandin a little fuller.

The end of August is a beautiful transitional period in many ways. Kids and teachers are going back to school, insect populations are at their peak as they loudly chirp and chatter, making the most of the dog days. People are looking forward to fall festivities—our friends at Restoration Acres are already raising their Thanksgiving turkeys. It’s the time where we realize we aren’t going to do those summer time adventures we had planned on, but we had such a full and busy summer it doesn’t matter anyway. The CSA ends in 5 weeks and we get married in 6, then off to New Zealand for an extended honeymoon as we will backpack and farm there for 3 months for new inspiration and knowledge, we hope.

On a different note, last week I got to see Bramble Hollow Farm in Montvale. They hosted the Land and Table potluck for the month, and owners Brent and Anna showed us their chicken operation and talked about taking care of soil. They inspired me to get back into brewing compost tea, which is a way we can extract nutrients and beneficial microbes from living compost and spread it on our crops through a water substrate. It is another way that we can encourage our garden to be a diverse ecosystem so that we don’t rely on artificial inputs like fertilizers and pesticides because the natural systems are taking care of imbalances for us. Of course nothing ever works that simply, but as long as we keep a nurturing mindset we can make decisions based on the big picture instead of specific and frustrating issues.

New fall greens will be coming in before long. The bag this week is a little smaller, so take the opportunity to finish up things that have been sitting around too long! I hope you enjoy every bite.

One last note- Get your tickets now if you want to come to the Farm to Table Dinner on September 10! They only have a few left, so go online or to the cashier window at the Lynchburg market to purchase them. This is a catered dinner at our farm which is being organized by the Friends of the Market group to raise money for the Lynchburg Community Market. The food is gonna be delicious, and a lot of it will come from our garden.



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