Week #12

This past week we had something happen I didn’t expect any time soon: we caught up on our work load! I’ve felt like we have been pretty far behind since we have been traveling and doing many other things over the past month, but on Thursday of last week I looked around and thought “dang, it looks like we are pretty much on top of things!” We are still working pretty long days which seems to be necessary this time of year, but it is psychologically draining to feel like you are just running from one thing to the next, trying to stay afloat. Hopefully we can keep it that way for a little while, at least until Brian leaves us in 10 days.

It seems we are hitting a bit of cooler weather this week (if you can call the 80’s cool), but many plants seem struggling with the heat. It’s interesting to see what is able to thrive in these conditions. One such plant is the cowpea, which we have planted in about 2,000 square feet of the garden as a cover crop. This stuff is just booming, growing to 2 feet tall in a couple weeks and towering over any kind of weed that would compete with it. It’s a nitrogen-fixing legume, so when we turn it into the soil in a few weeks, its decomposing residue will go a long way towards feeding our fall crops. Another plant that seems to be thriving is purslane, an edible weed that we’ve been throwing into our salad mix occasionally.

I’m going to end the news early so we have ample space for the recipes. Two soups this week: one cold and one warm. Our butternuts came extra early, so enjoy the almost-out-of-season delight!

Stay cool,


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