Week #7

It’s been a glorious week, despite the unsettling weirdness of these recent weather patterns. I arrived back from the beach on Thursday in the middle of the deluge of 4” to hear from Michael that we had quarter-size hail too! I was anxious about the garlic needing to be harvested because it should not have much water in the final few weeks it’s in the ground, which is when the drying and curing process begins. The garlic has been in the ground since October and I hated to think it would rot because I spent a day too many at the beach. But Michael reminded me that even though it seemed like a big deal, one small garlic crop is nothing in comparison to what may be ahead of us—all of us—as the climate changes and weather patterns become even less predictable. Yes, we are fortunate that we didn’t get 20” of rain like the poor people in West Virginia, but who is to say we aren’t next? All we can hope is that these freak storms will finally provide a wake-up call that we have done a lot to harm our earth and her atmosphere and let’s try to mitigate it while we still can.

On a lighter note, I think the garlic will be fine! It is strung up curing, making the barn look very festive indeed.  We were also able to get the wheat harvest in, thanks to your fellow CSA member Juliet who has been volunteering with us all season. The wheat is bound up in sheaves, stacked in piles (called a “stook” or “shock”), and finishing its drying in the field before we run it through the combine to separate the straw and chaff from the grain. We hope to have enough to use in a special loaf, but the whole process has made us realize how little wheat you get off a large area. We had about 4,000 sq. ft. planted, and it may be a couple hundred pounds of wheat if we are lucky.

An observation—I find it fitting that our sungold tomatoes started appearing the same week that a flurry of goldfinches began coming around. You will get to taste that sweetness in the tomatoes, but you’ll have to see the beauty of the goldfinches perched on the garden fence for yourself.

Have a great week, and be well,



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