Week #6

I hope that your week has gotten off to a good start. Mine actually got off to an even earlier start than normal. Usually my week starts with the harvest on Tuesday, but this week, I came in to work Monday since I took a day off last week to travel to Washington D.C. for my Dad’s retirement ceremony from the Air Force. It was a really special occasion for me to be able to see him finish 27 years in the Air Force and also experience an end to a chapter of my own life which has consisted of moving from state to state as I have grown up until ending up here at Randolph College and working here at Great Day Gardens for the Summer.

I wanted to mention the retirement because at the breakfast afterwards, one of my Dad’s co-workers was sitting at the table with me and talking about how he and his family had joined a CSA in Northern Virginia. He reminded me why people like Arden and Michael, as well as all of you, are important members in local communities. He said that “joining a CSA was not only a way to get really good vegetables, but also an investment in the surrounding community, an investment that really brings communities closer together when so many people are focused on individualism.” This reminded me why I wanted to work at the farm this summer even though I knew that it would be long and hot hours, toiling under the sun.

Anyway, I just thought that the conversation was worth sharing to all of you seeing as you all are investing in the community here.

In other news, this week, you will not be seeing Arden around because she is off to the beach with her family for a little bit of rest and relaxation. But don’t worry, Michael and I will still be out in the garden harvesting away to provide great veggies again this week. I am excited to begin harvesting some of the summer vegetables like squash, green beans, and soon to be peppers. Hopefully the weather will not be too hot. Michael and I are excited to take on the extra work in Arden’s absence but can’t wait for her to be back.

Well I hope you enjoyed last weeks CSA pick up. I saw on Facebook that you are all cooking away and it all looks delicious. Keep sharing your food and tell others about what a great experience it is interacting so closely with local communities.

Have a Great Day,

Brian Anderson

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