Week #3

It’s June and our garden is transitioning into summer. We have baby zucchini on the bush, little green tomatoes on the vine, and our nasturtiums, calendula, sunflowers, and zinnias all began to bloom.

This past week was full of excitement. On Thursday we had 27 third graders from R.S. Payne come out for a field trip, thanks to some folks involved with Wordworks!, a non-profit in Lynchburg dedicated to encouraging kids towards creative writing. We were blown away by the curiosity and knowledge of the kiddos, and I found myself explaining Nitrogen fixation to a group of eagerly nodding 8 year olds! We had some fun drawing with beet-ink, planting flowers and sketching seeds, and observing the ducks and pigs of course.

We have had lots of other visitors to the garden who have not been as welcome. Michael and I have sighted several groundhogs, bunnies, and mice recently, and a large animal (deer=suspect) chomped down half a row of brassicas. Luckily the damage hasn’t been too bad and we are busy setting traps and covering some crops.  I have been happy to see a couple of black snakes, which we didn’t see at all last year. Unfortunately one was in the house, and we had quite an exhilarating chase which resulted in it slithering into the bedroom! After much shrieking and a few failed attempts we managed to trap it in a laundry hamper and relocate it outside.

We hope you enjoy your veggies this week. We are giving you a break from kale and substituting Brussels greens, which are similar to cabbage leaves. They can be chopped for slaw or sauerkraut, or eaten raw in a soup or casserole (see recipes). And some ideas for turnips:

  • Boiled and mashed turnips with butter and garlic
  • Turnip fries with olive oil and salt, baked
  • Root roast with carrots, potatoes, radishes, beets…
  • Boiled in a soup (see recipe)

Bon appétit!


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