Week #2

I hope everyone enjoyed their shares from last week! We tried to supply you with mostly well-known veggies for the first week, but this week we are getting just a little more adventurous. Kohlrabi is one of my favorite vegetables and made it into this week’s bag. The alien-looking plant is closely related to cabbage and has edible greens and a bulb, both of which are great raw or cooked. The bulb is especially crisp and dippable raw, that’s my favorite way to eat it.

The past week was the kickoff of our CSA as well as the first week at the farm for Brian, a Randolph College student who is interning with us for the summer. Brian has been a big help so far and has caught on quickly to many of the ins and outs of our work. He is a sociology student and seems very interested in the dynamics between farms, local markets, and the communities we serve. Hopefully you will get the chance to meet him at a CSA pickup soon.

After Brian’s first day, the three of us went to Land and Table, a monthly potluck for people interested in local food held in Sedalia. There we met some of the organizers behind the Grassroots Local Market and heard them give a run-down of their vision and plan for bringing a cooperatively run grocery store to downtown Lynchburg. Arden and I shopped and attended some education events at co-op grocery stores when we lived in Vermont, where co-ops are very common. Most co-ops serve as community hubs as well as selling lots of locally grown food. We are excited about the prospect of having one here and think this could be a game-changer in the Lynchburg local food scene! You can find more info about Land & Table and Grassroots Local Market on their websites and Facebook pages.

Until next time,


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