Week #1

I am filled with exuberance and gratitude as I write this note to you! We have already had a wonderful start to our year. Some good heavy rains have left me feeling full, and I am sure that is a good omen for the rest of the growing season.

We appreciated everyone who made time to come out last week to see the farm. It is a refreshing change when the usually quiet fields are “alive with the sound of” laughing children, bewildered ducks and pigs, the swishing of so many boots through the tall grass… which we have finally gotten the chance to cut, you might be happy to hear.  I was also pleased by the questions and discussion you all brought with you. It is wonderful that so many of you are already in touch with your food and raising gardens, chickens, etc.

Last week in the garden we transplanted many summer crops—cucumbers, summer squash, okra, and some later rotations of kale, chard and lettuce. It is hard to believe that a 3” tall okra transplant will become a towering tree-like plant in a couple of months, but it already smells like the fuzzy pods we will be harvesting come July, and my mouth watered as I tucked them into the soil.

But let’s focus on the sweet and fleeting flavors of spring! Strawberries, radishes, dill, and spinach will soon be only memories of cool breezy days, so savor it all!



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