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The 2017 CSA program runs from May 17 to November 8, with 2 weeks off in August. Members pay for all 23 weeks up front in full or in two installments, the first of which is due upon signing up. In return, you get a share of farm-fresh vegetables and/or wood fired sourdough bread every week. There are two pick-up options: one in in Lynchburg and one at the farm in Forest.

Mutual Benefits and Shared Risk: In addition to a heavy bag of our produce every week, members gain cooking inspiration, updates on our garden, and a sense of community by participating in our CSA program. Members are also entitled to a 10% discount from our farmers market stand for the entire 2017 growing season (but please remind us… we often forget until its too late!). We will have at least one organized farm tour exclusively for CSA members, and members are welcome to schedule their own visit to the farm during the season. The mutual benefit comes as we form a network of supply and demand for local agriculture and together share the risks that small-scale farming can entail. In a season of severe drought or storms the farm may not supply a full share every week, but as long as things go as planned, we will supply you above and beyond what you pay for! Look here for frequently asked questions about the CSA.

Please note that the CSA is not for everyone. Some people join the CSA with good intentions, only to find out that they are too busy to cook the vegetables they receive every week, or they are uncomfortable with the changes and unpredictability of what comes in the bag. The earliest we are able to notify members of what will be in the bag that day is the morning of pick-up, when we send an email reminder. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions if you are thinking about signing up but aren’t sure if it will suit your lifestyle and personality. The CSA program does require you to commit to eating locally, which sometimes means you lose conveniences that the grocery store offers. On the other hand, many of our customers enjoy the surprise factor and not having to make decisions about what to buy. If you sign up and later find out the CSA does not fit your needs, we will give you a full refund for shares not yet delivered.


What’s new in 2017– The 2017 CSA is bigger and better.

  • We will have a much longer season, and each veggie bag will be filled with an average of $23 worth of produce (it was $20 in 2016). We will be baking with our new wood-fired oven this year, so expect lighter, more beautiful bread in a variety of shapes and sizes!
  • We are offering an abbreviated “Flower Fairy” share–11 weeks of homegrown and artfully arranged large flower arrangements.
  • CSA members who pick up on-farm will be able to buy extra produce and bread from our farm stand we will set up every week. We may also stock items like eggs and other produce from other sustainable farms at the farm stand.

PLEASE READ! We have one built-in “vacation week” in the season. All this means is that the CSA runs 24 weeks, but you will only receive 23 shares and you will  have an “off” week at any time of your choosing. Please notify us a minimum of 2 days before pick-up on the week that you want off, and we will not prepare your share. If you are out of town for more than one week you can arrange for a friend to pick-up for you. If you do not take a week off during the season, your share will simply end one week early.

Options and Cost

Choose one option or mix-and-match to suit your needs:

  • FARMER’S FRIEND: This is our “regular” share option and the best bang for your buck. Due to customer feedback, we are increasing the bag size slightly this year. It is designed to provide a good variety of our farm products to a family of 4-5, though 2 vegetable enthusiasts could probably eat it up on their own. It includes 6-12 seasonal vegetables (on average $23 retail value per week, a little bigger than last year) and 1 loaf of wood fired bread. You can expect to receive lots of greens in the spring and fall, and lots of tomatoes, peppers, and squash in the summer. Salad greens will be very consistent the entire season. Everything else is up to us and nature, but don’t worry–we treat our friends well! Payments can be made for the entire season or in two installments if need-be, but the first payment must be made upon signing-up. Full cost: $646.50 If paying 50% for May-August: $323.25, second installment due mid-August.

IMG_2503 - Copy+IMG_1737

  • GREENIE WEENIE:  This is the vegetables-only version of the Farmer’s Friend. You receive 6-12 seasonal vegetables, on average $23 retail value per week. Most shares include: an herb bunch, a salad green, a cooking green, a storage crop (i.e. onions, garlic, winter squash), a root vegetable (i.e. radishes, carrots, beets, turnips), and variety of summer fruits (i.e. tomatoes, squash, beans, peas, okra, eggplant).  We often will have a choice between two items (ex: parsley OR cilantro, kale OR Swiss chard), though this is on a first-come-first-serve basis and we cannot guarantee your first pick. Though you will not ever receive the exact same bag of vegetables in two consecutive weeks, we try to have some consistency so that members know what to expect and aren’t stuck with just unusual items they don’t know how to cook. Payments can be made in monthly installments if need-be, but the first payment must be made upon signing-up. Full cost: $519.00 If paying 50% for May-August: $259.50, second installment due mid-August.

IMG_2503 - Copy

  • LOAFER: Bread only. Members receive one bread item per week, baker’s choice. The bread is made using a sourdough culture and typically has no commercial yeast, sugar, fats, or dairy added. Ingredients are organic, local, or home-grown as often as possible. This past year the types of bread offered were: Pecan Raisin, Multigrain, Stoneground Wheat, Country White, Danish Rye, Honey Oat, Country Corn, Rye Caraway, Garlic Herb, and Pita Pockets. Next years’ breads will be wood-fired versions of the same types, with some new additions and many will be large round “hearth” loaves. Full cost: $132.25 If paying 50% for May-August: $66.00, second installment due mid-August.



  • DOUBLE LOAFER: Same as above, but two fresh-baked loaves of bread per week. Full cost: $254.50 If paying 50% for May-August: $127.25, second installment due mid-August.



  • NEW THIS YEAR —>FLOWER FAIRY: For 11 weeks (July-September, skipping 2 weeks in August) we will do a large flower bouquet option. Members who choose this option must provide us with 11 tall vases at the beginning of the season, and every week they will receive a large flower arrangement. Full Cost: $110.00


  • WORM’S DELIGHT: Close the loop on your veggies with our composting service! We will be offering an easy solution for those of you who want to compost, but don’t have the space or time to deal with it. We will provide 5 gallon buckets that members will bring with them (full) to pick-up every week in exchange for a clean, empty one. Full Cost: $80.00


Pick-up options

  • Wednesday, 3-6 pm @ the Farm in Forest
  • Wednesday, 4-6 pm @ a CSA member’s home in Lynchburg near Randolph College
  • Other pick-up sites may pop up if we have members interested in hosting (please email us if you are interested)

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